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Chairman’s Update November 2017

Hi everyone

Congratulations to The Bookie & Us Syndicate and Angela Turnwald for winning the Chch Casino NZ Cup with Nature’s Gent and to A J Lang and Calum Weir for taking out The Fitz Sports Bar Galaxy for the 2nd consecutive year. Well done to the Feature race place getters and other winners on the night. 

Thank you to all our sponsors on Cup Night;

Christchurch Casino                                         Ray Amer

The Fitz Sports Bar                                           Spectator’s Bar & Bistro

I Pave Concrete                                                Carol’s T.A.B. Clendon Inn           

Fox & Ferret @ The Palms                             The Turf Bar

Chris & Lisa Earl                                               Durasteel Structures

Kaisa Earthworks                                            A2C Asphalt 2 Concrete

Please support these businesses when you can.  Attendance and Turnover figures were again very good and the live box draws and preludes worked well and added to the event. 


  • Summer has arrived so watering of the track will be key.

  • Sand build up inside the track was removed prior to Cup night

  • Tractor has run two wheel bearings and done the injectors in recent months, we are purchasing a second tractor to operate the “heavier” equipment.  Especially pleasing to note is that none of the funding for the purchase will be coming from Club funds but from the Safety Development Fund and GRNZ. 


  • The Board supported the OTB application to GRNZ to become a non-voting affiliated Club.

  • The Racing Board are about to do a review of the three codes track requirements.  ChCh Club will be making an application for a second track in Canterbury during this process.

  • The Rules of Racing Committee consider rules submissions about 4 times a year. At present many of the submissions are of an administrative clarification or typo nature. The rule amendment process is still evolving but Christchurch will seek our Members views or vote against any material changes.

  • Our Board has concerns as to the lack of consultation back to LP’s and Clubs with the way GRNZ are working the ROR Committee, this will need fixing going forward.

  • The Centralised stakes project is moving forward with a target commencement date of 1 August 2018. One of the main objectives is to have in place a formalised Owner/Trainer Agreement for every race dog.

  • Work is progressing with establishing a National Field selection criteria based on a combination of existing club criteria. A discussion document for the selection of greyhound fields by GRNZ  has been sent to the ROR Committee for comment. It is anticipated that once this national field selection (NFS) model is agreed, it will form the basis for updating the greyhound profiles in the database to include selection criteria. The NFS will provide complete visibility on order of entry into races, this is key to getting support from LP’s.

  • EQC work in Spectator’s after Christmas means that we will operate race meetings in Twiggers from our meeting on 28 December for all of January. 


Chris Earl

American Warrior - 2016/17  New Zealand Greyhound of the Year 


Congratulations to American Warrior(Owners Whittington Sprod – Trainers Dave & Jean Fahey) announced as the NZ Greyhound of the Year for the 2016/2017 Season

Congratulations to Swimming Goat and Calum Weir winning the International Recognition Award at the NZ Greyhound of the Year Awards  

Congratulations to Wheelchair Norm and John McInerney winning the Sprinter of the Year Award at the NZ Greyhound of the Year Awards   



Chairman’s Update 4 September 2017

The Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club Board will remain unchanged for the 2017/2018 year with all Board members being returned unopposed. I look forward to another year of progress and thank the Board Members for their valuable contribution to the Club.

Chairperson – Chris Earl ph0276536541    Vice Chair – Denise Barron ph0277175592

Management Board

Gary Anderson ph.0275333227, Doug  Allan ph.0272927298, Janine Jopson ph.0274817915, Johnny McInerney Jnr ph.0278472364, Murray Wigley ph.021480250


  • 12 October is our next Dual code meeting where we will again be offering an A La Carte Menu together with Beer Wine and Non-alcoholic drinks at a very reasonable $40 per person.

  • The Club will celebrate 20 years of racing at Addington Raceway at our racing meeting on Thursday 26 October 2017. The club will present gold muzzles to all winners on the night to commemorate the occasion. A Punters contest will be run and a “Spectators Special” menu will be available to all attending.

  • Monday trialling times have been changed to 11am to 1pm to better accommodate trainers. Hopefully this will be successful and we will monitor feedback.

  • Cup Week is not too far away so please reserve your Trackside Dining seats early to avoid disappointment.

  • Good Luck to all participants for the 2017/2018 Racing Season.

  • Greyhound Racing New Zealand has received three nominations for a Director position on the Board at GRNZ. Attached is a form for you to complete advising our club of your preference ranking for the available positon. Please complete and return the form in the self-addressed envelope by Monday 18 September 2017.

Congratulations to all the award winners celebrated at our Annual Awards Dinners last Saturday night.

Awards for the 2016/2017 Season were;

Monthly Merit awards;

AUGUST                              SWIMMING GOAT

SEPTEMBER                        CAN’T CATCH TIM

OCTOBER                             TONY HART/KIRSTY TAYLOR

NOVEMBER                        ALAN JOYCE

DECEMBER                          GRAEME BENNETT

JANUARY                             JASMINE TANNER

FEBRUARY                           MALCOLM GRANT

MARCH                                ANDY MCCOOK/JANINE JOPSON

APRIL                                    JEAN & DAVE FAHEY

MAY                                      LISA WARETINI

JUNE                                     RAY ADCOCK

JULY                                       STEVE & BONNIE EVANS

Leading Trainer                                                               

J McInerney         201 Wins                                                           

J & D Fahey           168 Wins

C Roberts              126 Wins


Leading Dam     

Opawa Andrea      39 Wins                                                           

Mini’s Fantasy       38 Wins                                                           

Delusionist              37 Wins                                                           

Nina’s Girl               37 Wins

Sprinter of the Year

Swimming Goat - A J Lang

Middle Distance Dog of the Year

American Warrior – Whittington Sprod

Stayer of the Year

Can’t Catch Tim – R H Adcock & R G Amer


Swimming Goat – Owner A J Lang/ Trainer Calum Weir



Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club Selection Criteria


Greyhounds are allocated points for their last four starts using the following tables


Last 2 Starts


 Placing  Points allocated


 2nd  8 
 3rd  7 
 4th  5 
 5th  4
 6th  3
 7th  2
 8th  1




 Non Tote  & Tier 2            
 Starters  8  7  6  5  4 3   2
 Place 1st  8 points  7  6  5  5  5  5
 Place 2nd  7  6  5  4  3  3  3
 Place 3rd  6  5  4  3  2  2  
 Place 4th  5  4  3  2  1    
 Place 5th  4  3  2  1      
 Place 6th  3  2  1        
 Place 7th  2  1          
 Place 8th  1            


3rd and 4th starts back


 Placing  Points allocated
 1st  7
 2nd  6
 3rd  5
 4th  3
 5th  2
 6th  1


 Non Tote  & Tier 2            
 Starters  8  7  6  5  4 3   2
 Place 1st  6 points  5  4  4  3  3  2
 Place 2nd  5  4  3  2  1  1  
 Place 3rd  4  3  2  1      
 Place 4th  2  2  1        
 Place 5th  1  1          
 Place 6th              
 Place 7th              
 Place 8th              




• Qualifying trial form provided by the NZGRA shall be treated as a non-tote run for point's purposes
• If a greyhound has not had 4 starts, it receives 3 points per start until it has been allocated points for 4 starts
• Points are allocated on the last 4 starts in the distance that the greyhound was nominated for. Ie sprint 0-600m, Distance 601m & over
• Australian imports receive points on the same basis. Ie Their last 4 starts in Australia
• Downgraded greyhounds receive 18 points. Points apply only until greyhound has its 1st downgraded tote start. Points do not apply to Restricted races or greyhounds being nominated out of grade. 18 points still apply when nominations close before first downgraded start
• A greyhound recorded as fallen has that start disregarded for point's purposes
• When points are equal the greyhound with the higher points last start, then 2 last start, 3 last etc shall have preference. When two or more greyhounds are still equal and there are not enough remaining places in a field, the clubs selection panel will choose by ballot
• Restricted races are selected by highest grade but this points system will be used to separate greyhounds of the same grade when required
• When equal points (12) at distance debut, highest sprint grade gets preference. When sprint grades have the same points scored last start, 2nd last start etc apply
• When combining grades the highest points scorers in the lower grade to be combined will be placed in the higher grade race.
• Totalisator points are scored irrespective of the number of starters in the race. Non tote points are scored dependant on starters.
.  Greyhounds nominating at Christchurch that fail to secure a tote race start after two successive nominations when an uncombined race in the greyhound's current grade has been carded shall be guaranteed a tote start when a race for that greyhound's grade is next provided.

Tier 2 Races will be considered as an official start (whether it is a Tote or Non-Tote race) and cannot be used as a 'missed start' towards your 2 misses.

Group 1 Meetings, Group & Feature races are not included in this policy. These events will be selected strictly on points.

The onus shall be on the greyhound's trainer to notify the CGRC manager of the two dates the greyhound has been nominated and failed to gain a start by 10am on the closing date of nominations so the Manager has time to check the eligibility for a start.




Notices & Trials Info