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Chairman’s Update May 2018

Hi Everyone 

  • Club Ten Pin Bowling Night - we had a good turnout.  Congratulations to Gary Cleeve and Andy McCook the Leading Men and Lisa Winders Leading Lady.
  • As of 1st August a new funding model from GRNZ to the Clubs will be implemented.  This will result in increased funding to our Club.  No word on stakes increase yet.
  • The Club was unsuccessful in securing parking inside the Trotting track on trial days.
  • Next Trackside Dining night is Friday 29 June for the New Zealand Stayers Cup and South Island Champs - bookings to Tony.
  • GRNZ have "shelved" a national selection criteria for the time being.
  • GRNZ rehoming programme is going through major changes at the present time.  We hope it will result in a more user friendly system.
  • Club has applied to get the South Island Champs and New Zealand St Leger elevated to Group 1's next season.


Chris Earl 

Congratulations to the owners of Cawbourne Krusty and Grid Lock in taking out the Active Electrical New Zealand St Leger and Murray @ Ray White Harding Cup. Well done the respective trainers Matt Roberts and Jean & Dave Fahey.

A big thank you to our race Sponsors Graham and Janice Van Tongeron and Murray Wigley.

Chairman’s Update April 2018

Hi Everyone


  • Congratulations to Matt Roberts on his Quinella in the Group 1 Fitz Sports Bar New Zealand Oaks.

  • Great atmosphere at this year’s Oaks meeting. Many thanks to Norm Wanhalla and Janine Jopson for bringing along their cute puppies that attracted so much attention from patrons attending the Dual Code meeting.

  • Next Trackside Dining is 29 June for New Zealand Stayers Cup and South Island Champs Night

  • Ten Pin Bowling night scheduled for Saturday 26 May. Bookings to Tony.

  • Club funding is undergoing a review which will see a change to how Clubs are funded. Additional meeting costs, Lack of on course commission due to Fixed Odds and Internet betting have reduced funds available to club to operate effectively.

  • The NZRB are reporting positive increases in income which we are hoping will reflect in future Stake increases for participants.

  • Centralised Stake payments are on schedule for the start of the new season. Your On Track magazine and the GRNZ website will keep you updated.

  • Some minor Rule changes (4) have been through the Rules of Racing Committee with small wording changes. The initial Rule change submissions are posted on our kennels notice board.

  • The track was laser levelled on 14 April 2018.

  • For clarification purposes Handlers may wear any of the own wet weather or warm jackets in the winter months but must wear our light weight black jackets over the top of their jackets for uniformity out on the track.


Chris Earl 

American Warrior - 2016/17  New Zealand Greyhound of the Year 


Congratulations to American Warrior(Owners Whittington Sprod – Trainers Dave & Jean Fahey) announced as the NZ Greyhound of the Year for the 2016/2017 Season

Congratulations to Swimming Goat and Calum Weir winning the International Recognition Award at the NZ Greyhound of the Year Awards  

Congratulations to Wheelchair Norm and John McInerney winning the Sprinter of the Year Award at the NZ Greyhound of the Year Awards   


Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club Selection Criteria


Greyhounds are allocated points for their last four starts using the following tables


Last 2 Starts


 Placing  Points allocated


 2nd  8 
 3rd  7 
 4th  5 
 5th  4
 6th  3
 7th  2
 8th  1




 Non Tote  & Tier 2            
 Starters  8  7  6  5  4 3   2
 Place 1st  8 points  7  6  5  5  5  5
 Place 2nd  7  6  5  4  3  3  3
 Place 3rd  6  5  4  3  2  2  
 Place 4th  5  4  3  2  1    
 Place 5th  4  3  2  1      
 Place 6th  3  2  1        
 Place 7th  2  1          
 Place 8th  1            


3rd and 4th starts back


 Placing  Points allocated
 1st  7
 2nd  6
 3rd  5
 4th  3
 5th  2
 6th  1


 Non Tote  & Tier 2            
 Starters  8  7  6  5  4 3   2
 Place 1st  6 points  5  4  4  3  3  2
 Place 2nd  5  4  3  2  1  1  
 Place 3rd  4  3  2  1      
 Place 4th  2  2  1        
 Place 5th  1  1          
 Place 6th              
 Place 7th              
 Place 8th              




• Qualifying trial form provided by the NZGRA shall be treated as a non-tote run for point's purposes
• If a greyhound has not had 4 starts, it receives 3 points per start until it has been allocated points for 4 starts
• Points are allocated on the last 4 starts in the distance that the greyhound was nominated for. Ie sprint 0-600m, Distance 601m & over
• Australian imports receive points on the same basis. Ie Their last 4 starts in Australia
• Downgraded greyhounds receive 18 points. Points apply only until greyhound has its 1st downgraded tote start. Points do not apply to Restricted races or greyhounds being nominated out of grade. 18 points still apply when nominations close before first downgraded start
• A greyhound recorded as fallen has that start disregarded for point's purposes
• When points are equal the greyhound with the higher points last start, then 2 last start, 3 last etc shall have preference. When two or more greyhounds are still equal and there are not enough remaining places in a field, the clubs selection panel will choose by ballot
• Restricted races are selected by highest grade but this points system will be used to separate greyhounds of the same grade when required
• When equal points (12) at distance debut, highest sprint grade gets preference. When sprint grades have the same points scored last start, 2nd last start etc apply
• When combining grades the highest points scorers in the lower grade to be combined will be placed in the higher grade race.
• Totalisator points are scored irrespective of the number of starters in the race. Non tote points are scored dependant on starters.
.  Greyhounds nominating at Christchurch that fail to secure a tote race start after two successive nominations when an uncombined race in the greyhound's current grade has been carded shall be guaranteed a tote start when a race for that greyhound's grade is next provided.

Tier 2 Races will be considered as an official start (whether it is a Tote or Non-Tote race) and cannot be used as a 'missed start' towards your 2 misses.

Group 1 Meetings, Group & Feature races are not included in this policy. These events will be selected strictly on points.

The onus shall be on the greyhound's trainer to notify the CGRC manager of the two dates the greyhound has been nominated and failed to gain a start by 10am on the closing date of nominations so the Manager has time to check the eligibility for a start.




Notices & Trials Info