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Christchurch Greyhounds

Sand Replacement Project Timeline 2021


A GRNZ appointed consultant has been reviewing the sand surfaces of all tracks throughout New Zealand. After the testing of our sand and other available product close to Christchurch he has concluded that in his opinion the best option is to resurface the track with the product currently being used on the Southland Track.  

At our Board Meeting on 27 January the GRNZ Consultant presented a video that provided evidence that the sand particle distribution of the Southland sand will provide a safer and easier surface to race and maintain than our current blended sand surface.  

The Club is seeking funding assistance for the project through GRNZ and the Racing Safety Development Fund. The total cost may be around $200,000 completed. 

Below is the intended schedule, which is of course weather and Covid 19 dependent.  

By 7 March 2021 Contractor to clean up and prepare identified and agreed Addington car park area and install bailage to signify sand drop off zone for the delivery trucks. 

From 8 March to 6 April 2021 Delivery of the sand through this period to designated car park area. There will be approx. 140 tonnes of sand required (approx. 40 truck and trailer loads) 

From Wednesday 7 April to Friday 23 April Ian Robertson to commence excavation of existing sand on track, replacement of geo fabric and nova flow pipe and installation of new sand including spreading and laser level of track. 

No Greyhound Race Meetings will be conducted at Addington Raceway between Thursday 8 April and Friday 23 April inclusive. Licenses will be transferred to Otago/Southland by GRNZ and TAB. This can change if unexpected delays occur or if the project is ahead of schedule. 

Our intention is to run extra races at our meetings on 5 and 6 April to minimise the impact to trainers, staff and other race meeting contractors prior to the excavation. We will be also asking GRNZ if they can approve 15-20 race programmes down south to save some travel. 

 We will be pushing all avenues possible for major assistance from GRNZ to lesson our    financial input.  

At a Special General Meeting held on 2nd March 2021 the members approved the expenditure, should it be required.  

The Board have one goal…greyhound safety.   



Chairman and Board, CEO, Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club