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About Us

The largest Club in the country, the Christchurch Club's base (shared with Harness Racing) at Addington Raceway is an excellent facility for participants and enthusiasts alike and plays host to a number of the Code's glamour events such as the New Zealand Cup, the New Zealand Oaks, the New Zealand Stayers Cup, the Kingston Cup and the South Island Championship.  It is often said it takes a 'strong dog' to win at Addington. 


Chairperson C Earl ph.0276536541
Deputy Chairperson M Wigley ph.021480250
Secretary / Manager T Music ph.0274310117
Management Board A Hart ph.0275301179, D Allan ph.0272927298, J McCook ph.0274817915, J McInerney Jnr ph.0278472364, D Barron ph.0277175592

Raceday Officials

Lure Driver M Gallagher, G Van Tongeren
Judge J Smith, M Gallagher
Assistant Judge G Van Tongeren
Starters G McCormick, K O'Connor
Kennel Stewards S Wigley, P Munro, V Harraway, K O'Connor
Identification Steward S Wigley, P Munro, V Harraway, K O'Connor
Scales Clerk S Wigley, P Munro, V Harraway, K O'Connor
Kennel Security V Harraway
Commentator T Wilkes
Office Clerk D Chilton
Parade Steward G McCormick, K O'Connor
Veterinary Surgeons L Roberts BVSc
R I U Stipendiary Stewards - Local Region S Wallis, R Quirk, J McLaughlin, S Renault, D Wadley, C Tibbs